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Established in 1977, Simon Imports has been helping customers in Winnipeg and beyond celebrate life's special moments with our selection of exquisite and unique jewelry.  

From humble beginnings, Simon Imports has grown into being one of Western Canada's largest Belgium diamond importers. When we first started our business 43 years ago, our business idea was to be able to source our products from as close to the actual manufacturer or diamond cutters as possible. Initially we dealt with wholesalers and importers in Canada until we had the volume of business to go direct from Antwerp. We dealt with numerous diamond wholesalers there until we were able to go direct to the actual diamond cutters. 

Today we get regular shipments from Antwerp bi-weekly to maintain an extremely large and diverse inventory of diamonds. In doing so, we bypass the Belgium wholesaler, the Canadian wholesaler and manufacturer. Simon Imports has been deemed a jewellery manufacturer federally since 1994. 

When we first started Simon Imports we decided not to formally advertise our business but to grow organically in referrals only. We have maintained that concept since our inception and as a by product of that decision our company has been able to donate over $1,000,000 to Manitoba charities, infrastructure, the arts and numerous worthy causes of our clients and are still giving.  

The Simon Imports team is the most important factor to its success and has been together for a very long time. In fact, our 5 person team cumulatively has 140 years of experience working with our company. Quality, Pricing, Selection and Service are the foundation of our business and we are always striving to bring those to our valued clients. 

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